Quick Look NDIS Price Guide with COVID-19 Loading

7 April 2020
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Last week, I had a few conversations with clients and support coordinators concerned about the new 10% COVID-19 loading providers can now claim, to cover additional costs of service delivery. These discussions have inspired me to create a ‘Quick Look Price Guide’, detailing the main line items and various rates for each type of service.

Of course, this is not a complete list, only a summary of the 50 most popular service types and their various rates with the different loadings.

Super important: The NDIA are NOT going to increase participant plans to accommodate the 10% COVID-19 loading, which will be in place for up to six months, so it’s important to know if your providers intend on charging you this fee.

Note from NDIS: ‘Providers should review and abide by the service agreements they currently have in place with participants, and should inform the participant before implementing any price increases.’ NDIA website, Price Guides and Pricing – Temporary increase in price limits

Your providers must inform you prior to implementing any price increase. Registered providers will probably have systems in place to inform you of the changes they make, however unregistered providers may not. If you have unregistered providers servicing you at the NDIS capped rates, please ensure they inform you prior to making any changes to their service rate, especially if you have a service agreement in place! I have noticed though, that most unregistered providers have continued to use agreed rates and have opted OUT a loading at this time. Big love to them!!

Also, a while back, the NDIS introduced a TTP loading for registered providers who are willing to participant in an Agency approved market benchmarking survey, publish their service rates and list their business in the Provider Finder.

If you’re not using registered provider, this won’t apply to you. But if you are using registered providers, you’re probably already aware of the approx. 7.5% loading for TTP (Temporary Transformation Payment) for services.

The COVID-19 10% increase also applies to the TTP rate. This may be quite a concern to some of our clients, as the NDIA does not provide additional funds within a plan to accommodate the TTP or the COVID-19 loading.

Please, with all my heart, get in touch with me or one of the team for some budgeting support, if you’re concerned that your NDIS plan may not be enough to cover the additional fees you may be asked to pay!

These are some pretty significant changes that may impact your NDIS plan. But it’s important to know, that there are processes in place to assist you if it looks like you’re going to run out of money prior to your review date. The early review (less than three months) and change of circumstance review process is still in place, and the NDIA are offering plan extensions up to 24 months, for participants who are happy with their current level of funding, even if they haven’t spent all their money!

Please reach out to us privately, or directly with your LAC/Support Coordinator/Key Worker/ECI partner if you’re concerned at all about your funding.

Now, download your Quick Look NDIS Price Guide and jump into the comments and let me know if you might be impacted by the price increase, and how you feel about the changes to rates. I’d love to hear your feedback!

Love Jude x



  1. frank widdows

    Hi Jude

    Thanks for the info and for sure Chrissie ( Melbourne ) will be affected but I can’t see a solution. Any ideas?

    Cheers Frank

    • Jude

      Hi Frank, Chrissie has a new plan! I’ll touch base with her providers and request updated service agreement, check the budget and be in touch! Love Jude x

  2. Lorraine Fox

    Thanks Jude, yes Lifebridge have informed me of the charge increase. Also the sil will be in Mercy’s hands on 3rd or 5th May.
    At this stage we will just keep an eye on how his plan is going and also hope to take him on a supported holiday when it is safe to do so. Let’s keep in touch.

    • Jude

      Hi Lorraine, great plan! We’ll keep a good eye on the budget as well. Stay safe! Talk soon. Love Jude x

  3. Margaret Wilson

    Hi Jude
    Thanks for all your efforts
    In our case it would only impact on therapy sessions by about $5 a session
    At this stage we have not had any notification of increase change however I’m sure Tamara will inform me & we will have to adjust / subsidise accordingly
    It is a difficult time for everyone atm & supporters/workers/ therapists deserve our support as they adjust ( along with us ) to changed delivery methods
    At the same time NDIS authorities need also to be more flexible in funding in these unprecedented times

    • Jude

      Thank you so much for your feedback Margaret! Big love to you! ❤️

  4. Jude

    Just a reminder, you don’t HAVE to pay your providers these rates! These are the current NDIS capped rates that providers can not go over.

    If you have agreed rates with your providers that are less than the cap, that’s TERRIFIC! You do NOT have to increase the rate you pay your providers to match these rates unless it’s agreed between you both.

  5. Deborah Bee

    Thank you Jude for going to all the effort to provide us with such a valuable tool. It is greatly appreciated.

    • Jude

      You’re so welcome Deb! xx

  6. Jude

    More feedback this morning about ‘why’ providers should charge the COVID-19 loading – this loading is for ‘additional costs associated with the delivery of service’.

    If your providers do not have any additional costs to deliver services, they may not need to charge the loading.

    Please communicate with your providers and ask them what additional costs they have, to warrant charging the loading.

  7. Lorraine Stewart

    Hi Jude thank you for your info on NDIS. I Havn’t had any notice of change at the moment from my providers.stay safe to you and your workers .
    Kind Regards Lorraine

  8. Jude

    You too Lorraine! ❤️


    Hi Jude, thank you for your hard work in providing this information. I also haven’t received any notification from providers regarding any changes. Wishing you and your team a very happy, safe and isolated Easter. Best wishes. Helen.

    • Jude

      Thanks so much Helen! Happy Easter to you and David, big love! ❤️

  10. Jason Button

    Hi Jude, thank you so very much for taking the time to put this together for everyone. Really appreciate that and the thought behind it. I will definitely study it better in next few days as been a very busy week for me. All the best wishes and thoughts your way. Jason 😊


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