How to Claim Meal Prep and Delivery Through Your NDIS Funding

9 July 2020
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NDIS Meal Preparation and Delivery Guidelines Released 1 Jul 20


With the release of the new price guide on 1 July 2020, the NDIS have provided some clear guidelines around funding meal preparation and delivery.

This service now requires you to obtain a quote from your chosen provider and submit for approval by the NDIS. Once approved, the support becomes a stated item in your plan.

Stated items are fixed cost items, that can only be increased with the approval of the NDIS.

Meal preparation and delivery services are designed to assist participants who are unable to prepare food on their own and are not receiving other supports that would meet the same need. (NDIS Price Guide 2020-21)

The food cost itself is not covered by the NDIS, only the preparation and delivery component.

Most organisations can clearly separate the food cost from the preparation and delivery cost. Some require payment in full upfront and we reimburse a percentage of the cost (as stated by the providers) from NDIS funding to you. Other providers can separate their invoices and issue one to you for the food component for payment by you directly and one to us for the preparation and delivery to claim via the NDIS.

If you’re currently using your NDIS funding for meal preparation and delivery, please don’t panic. I just want to encourage you to touch base with your support coordinator, LAC or the NDIS directly and chat about how to incorporate these services into your plan. They will probably give you approval to use the services now and wait for your plan review to add the stated line item.

Just this week, we received approval for one of our clients to continue using their NDIS funding for meal prep and delivery, while waiting for their plan review date to come around.

The changes do not mean we’ll hold up payments for the meal prep and delivery services you’re currently receiving, however I do encourage you to move towards having these services approved for your next plan period.

If you’re still super confused about the changes and would like to discuss your options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re here to help in any way we can!

Jude xx



  1. Mark Wilson

    Will NDIS cover the delivery fee when ordering home delivered groceries?

    • Jude

      Hi Mark,

      No, unfortunately not. The cost of delivery is for fully ‘prepared meals’, for participants who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. The delivery cost is included in the full service price quoted to the NDIS for approval and can not be claimed as a stand alone item.

      Love Jude x

  2. Ruby

    Hi Jude,
    I have a question – If participant’s plan doesn’t have the meal preparation line item, does the participant need to request for a review of plan (if the plan review date is still several months away) to be able to include this stated line item in the plan?

    • Jude

      Hi Ruby
      Yes. To have a stated line item included in a plan, you’ll need to ask for a review. You’ll also need to provide evidence (via an OT functional assessment) that meal prep and delivery is reasonable & necessary for the participant. In the meantime, if the plan allows, we’re happy to claim for meals until approval is granted through the new plan. However some plans don’t allow a claim through this line item if not already approved, so just be aware that the claim could be rejected if it’s not already included in the plan. At TCPM, as long as our client is working towards NDIA approval, we’re happy to accommodate their wishes until approval is granted. I hope that helps! Love Jude x

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