Frequently Asked Questions

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Tweed Coast Plan Management Company information for your next PACE plan review

The NDIS has changed its my NDIS provider portal to a new system called PACE.  If you’d like to use our plan management services, you’ll need to endorse Tweed Coast Plan Management in your PACE portal as one of your registered Providers and as your Plan Manager.  Here’s all the information you’ll need to find us:
Registered Name: Tresbland Pty Ltd Trading As/ Tweed Coast Plan Management
NDIS Provider Number: 4050071164
ABN: 56 003 402 346

Why choose Tweed Coast Plan Management for your NDIS Plan?

Tweed Coast Plan Management offer a holistic plan management solution for participant’s funding including personal support. We cover a wide range of services in our management including choosing and changing service providers, keeping track of budgets and spending, claiming from the NDIS portal, monthly updates on your plan, organising service agreements and providing steps for future self management.

How can I get plan management added to my NDIS plan?

You can request plan management services at your very first meeting with your planner or LAC (Local Area Coordinator), or you can do it later by asking for a review of your plan, or at your next review. If you would like more information contact Tweed Coast Plan Management and we can provide the information you need to get plan management added to your NDIS plan

Can Tweed Coast Plan Management help me find or change service providers?

Yes, at Tweed Coast Plan Management we have an extensive database of highly skilled NDIS registered and non-registered service providers you can access to support you or a participant in the NDIS. Our database is constantly growing and evolving as new providers enter the market place and provide additional services.

Can Tweed Coast Plan Management act as a service intermediary for participants?

Yes, we offer a complete service for participants and their families including establishing service agreements with providers, budgeting or possible scenarios, building financial literacy, and enhancing self-management capabilities.

Can I use your plan management services ongoing?

Yes, if participants choose to get plan management each year this is open to them. Plan management should be chosen at NDIS planning meetings and once approved plan management services will be activated. We are also committed to building your self-management capabilities for the future, and assist you through the transition period into self-managing your NDIS plan.

Is there an out of pocket cost for plan management services from Tweed Coast Plan Management?

No there is no out of pocket cost to participants. Plan management is included in your NDIS plan in addition to other supports – participants do not pay a percentage of their plan, or any additional costs to receive plan management support.