COVID-19: How to Implement your Generosity!

2 April 2020
Jude and the team at Tweed Coast Plan Management

We received the most amazing feedback from our clients in response to last week’s email! The TCPM community spirit has been overwhelming generous and supportive! I can’t thank you enough for willingness to support your providers during this time!

A couple of questions came up that I wanted to respond to:


Q: Can I only support team members who’ve been with me for over three months?

A: No. I just used three months as a starting point. If you have support workers who’ve been working with you for less, you can still support them through the cancelation process.


Q: If my support workers aren’t taking COVID-19 seriously, and are putting myself (or my child) at risk, should I continue services?

A: Definitely NOT!

It’s super important your support team understands the seriousness of this virus. The NDIA Commission issued a notice to all registered providers reminding them of their duty of care obligations as a registered provider. Although your support team may not be registered, they’re still 100% responsible for your safety. Make sure they have a hygiene/safety plan in place, and you understand how they’re ensuring your safety. If you’re concerned at all about your safety or the safety of your family, please cancel services or choose another team member to support you over the next few months.


Q: Do I have to pay support workers if I cancel services?

A: The NDIA released new guidelines on 25th March, allowing providers to charge up to 100% of the service fee from 30th March, if you cancel within 10 days. If you give more than 10 days’ notice of your intention to cancel services, then no, you don’t have to pay your providers.


Q: How can I continue paying support workers if I cancel services?

A: I’ve created a quick 5 step process you can take to ensure your team are supported during this time; in the event you wish to cancel services:

1. Start by setting a time frame for claiming cancelled services

Agree on the period of time you wish to allow the cancellation of services. You might like to start with a two- or four-week agreement. Eg. Starting Monday 30th March, until Sunday 12th April. Then reassess after this date for ongoing support.

2. Communicate this set agreement verbally or in writing (email/text) is fine. Written agreements are always a better option.

Let your support team/provider know you’re happy for them to continue invoicing for services, within the agreed time period, as cancelled services. Ensure you receive they’re agreement back in writing and file for future reference.

3. Agree whether the rate will be 90% or 100% of service cost

As I mentioned before, the NDIA released new guidelines on 25th March, allowing providers to charge up to 100% of the service fee from 30th March, if you cancel within 10 days. So, the first few weeks you may like to allow 100% cancelation service fee, but going forward, you may feel more comfortable with 90%. Once again, this is completely up to you. If you choose to continue at 100%, that’s super fine! And, I’m sure your providers will be hugely grateful.

4. Ensure your providers use the words ‘cancelled service’ after the usual ‘service type’ description on their invoice.

It’s important we claim services correctly through the NDIS Portal. Cancelled services are claimed differently to normal services so please ensure your providers write ‘cancelled service’ on their invoice.

Eg. Social & community support (cancelled service) 30/03/20 – 4 hours @ $48/hour (or normal hourly rate)

5. Start having conversations now!

If you’ve chosen to cancel services now, please reach out to your support team and start the process. Agree on an initial time frame, communicate your agreement, decide on 90% or 100% fee structure, encourage your providers to invoice as usual using the ‘cancelled services’ description, then reassess after the agreed time frame is over.


If you’d like support initiating your agreements, please get in touch with us. We’re here to help you in any way we can.

Thank you again for supporting your community. If you have any questions for feedback, please comment below to share how you intend to implement your strategy today!

See you in the comments!

Love Jude x


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