COVID-19 – How NDIS service providers can stay afloat during the crisis

25 March 2020
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Steps you can take to stay afloat:


1. Continue to support your NDIS clients

I know this is a very scary time and you may be feeling super worried about your business or employment. If you have complex clients that depend on your services to maintain their quality of life, please do what you can to continue supporting them. If you don’t have complex clients, and you and your client still wish to continue services, please do so!

The NDIS are also encouraging providers to continue supporting clients at this time, to read more from the NDIS, please visit the NDIS site – Advice for Providers for more information.


2. Develop a safety/hygiene plan and discuss this with your clients

If you are continuing with services, I encourage you to use 110% care when supporting our vulnerable clients, and of course use best practice hygiene. Please visit for advice on how to stay safe and ensure our NDIS clients are safely supported. Put a safety plan in place and discuss this with your clients. Reassure them, that their safety, is your No.1 priority!


3. Ask your clients for help, and request to continue billing their NDIS plan for services, even if they self-isolate

If you’ve built strong relationships with your clients and have been supporting them on a continuous and regular basis, and they choose to self-isolate without your support, PLEASE PLEASE chat to them about claiming the 100% cancellation fee for each service they cancel. I know they’ll do everything they can to support you through this challenging time, and I’ve also encouraged them to do so!

Requesting support through your clients NDIS plan, is a much better option than registering with other government agencies. If your clients truly care about you and want to guarantee your services when the crisis is finally over, I’m sure they’ll do anything they can to help. Be honest with them and help them to understand how important it is for you to be supported through NDIS right now!


4. Think outside the square and deliver your services in a different way

I also encourage you to be creative with your services. If you have the option to provide in home or remote support via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype or another video link service, please explore these options sooner rather than later! And, let your clients know you want to continue to support them, even if it’s remote or in a different way.


5. Think ahead about travel plans

If you’re concerned about travelling across the border to deliver services, please ensure you have documentation that supports your NDIS business. A signed letter from your client/s should be enough evidence, while the governments organise interstate licenses. Keep checking the and websites for more information to be sure what information is needed to confirm your business can support clients across the border.


Lastly – Take very good care of your physical and mental health

Please know this situation will pass, as I’m sure you do. Be kind to yourself and your community. Find new ways to exercise at home and eat as healthy as you can. Reach out to others, and us if you’re unsure how to request payment from cancelled services. And, stay as safe as you can. You are so important, to us, your family and your clients. You are a one of a kind miracle in the universe, so please look after yourself and share as much love as you can.


Now, I’d really love to hear your thoughts. What steps are you prepared to take to stay afloat and keep connected to people you care about? Please leave a comment below. We’re here to support you and work together to ensure we all make it through as best we can! Sending so much love and support your way!

See you in the comments!

Love Jude x


  1. Lil Fi

    Hi Jude, I’ve gone cyber. Zoom lessons everyday. So good. Thanks for your letter it means a lot. your a gem. Stay shiny. Xx Fi

    • Jude

      So awesome Fi! Keep singing beautiful! xx

  2. Debra Simpson

    Hi Jude,
    what a lovely letter -I especially love your words “we are one of a kind miracle in the Universe so share our love.” –
    Your words are beautiful and heartwarming, times like these really connect us with what is truly important – and people, our connections, unity and recognising we are all going through this together and feel the same things is worth remembering.
    If you have people on your books who need someone to Skype with for a chat occasionally I would be happy to offer support where I am able.
    kind regards

    • Jude

      Thank you so much for your kind words and heartfelt contribution Debra! Finding connection within our community is so important right now. Big love your way!

  3. kay lloyd

    thank you Jude for this
    please know that I am keeping the studio open for my adults at present.
    i have had to close all my kids groups. however.
    i am and can also work with some NDIS clients on a one to one basis either in house or at my studio.
    at this time art is finally getting the attention it needs to show people how VITAL it is for our mental health.
    THINK PURPLE is 100% about mental health and how we can use the many different processes of art to relax and build emotional resilience within us . this is for anyone, young, old or with a disability there are no barriers.
    i pray I can continue keeping think purples rent paid and be there as much as possible for our community when we get through it all.

    if you have any clients that would prefer me to visit their home at this time and offer a creative outlet then please let them know i can help

    i am also open 5 days a week (mornings only) to hold space for up to 6 people in an acceptable social distancing setting.

    thank you so much for all the,great advice

  4. Jody Richter

    Hi Jude, I too echo Debra Simpson’s comment of your lovely wording. This is very much appreciated.
    My clinic in Murwillumbah is continuing to function as normal with a huge range of additional measures to keep my patients safe and healthy. I have outlined these extra precautions in a advert in the Tweed Valley Weekly in an effort to soothe some worries.
    Together we will triumph over this adversity with loving care and careful vigilence. Kind Regards to all Jody Richter Podiatrist.


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