COVID-19 – How NDIS participants can help your community

25 March 2020
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I wanted to connect and share with you all that TCPM will be operating as normal over this crazy time, and that managing your budget and paying your providers is our top priority!



All the team at TCPM work from home, and although many will have kids (and possibly husbands) running around and creating internal chaos, we’re still committed to providing you the best possible service we can! I encourage you to please be patient and kind with us, as we balance our obligations to you and our families.

Over the last few days we’ve had a few issues uploading documents into the NDIS PRODA portal. Possibly due to the huge number of people accessing the portal for government assistance. Once again, I ask you to be very patient with us. Your providers will be paid within our 7-business day turnaround policy.


How you can help your NDIS community:

1. Continue to use your NDIS support team

I want to reassure you, that if you choose to continue with services over the coming months, we 100% support you. Keeping in mind the safety of yourself (or your child) and your support team. Of course, if you (or your child) feels unwell at any stage, please notify your support team at your earliest convenience and seek medical support asap. If you’d like more information on how to stay safe, please visit


2. Offer to pay your support workers the 100% cancelation rate for all services they would have normally worked, and now can’t due to the Coronavirus

In an attempt to support our community, knowing full well the current job loss rate, I’m encouraging you to be generous to your support team. If your support team have been providing services on a continuous and regular basis for at least three months (and of course you love them and want to help them), please allow them to claim the NDIA 100% cancelation fee for services you may wish to cancel, in the event of voluntary or required self-isolation. This will ensure they stay afloat and off the Centrelink queues during this uncertain time.

Of course, if you’re already tracking over budget and need to reduce services anyway, maybe take this opportunity to reduce services to the absolute minimum or call the NDIA on 1800 800 110 for an urgent over the phone review meeting.

If you have a healthy budget and would have ordinarily employed your support team but choose not to due to the current COVID-19 crisis, you’re in a position to ensure they stay supported with an income during this time. Please, with all my heart, be considerate when cancelling services and talk to them about invoicing 100% of their usual fee. It will give them the stability of income and confidence to be there to support you, once this crisis passes.


3. Be open to alternative support methods

Many therapists are already offering telehealth services or video conferences options to ensure you continue with essential health supports. Other providers are trying different methods, either in home support or via video links like, Zoom, FaceTime and Skype. If these services are offered and fit within your new life experience, please have a go and allow yourself to try something new. Your support team are trying extremely hard to stay afloat and support you at the same time. Please be open to new experiences if you can.


4. Take very good care of your physical and mental health

Please know that this situation will pass, as I’m sure you do. Be kind to yourself and your community. Find new ways to exercise at home and eat as healthy as you can. Reach out to friends and family via phone, social media and FaceTime, and of course we’re here to help too! Lastly, please stay as safe as you can. You are so important, to us, your family and your community. You are a one of a kind miracle in the universe, so please look after yourself and share as much love as you can.


Now, I’d really love to hear your thoughts. What steps are you prepared to take to look after yourself and help your community? Please leave a comment below. Your encouragement may just be the medicine that helps our community stay connected and supported.


See you in the comments!


Love Jude x



  1. Emma

    Great post!


      Great full explanation.🥰🥰

  2. Rhyll Anderson

    We just want to say Thankyou to you all for working on our behalf at this trying time. Sorry online work is more difficult than usual for you and hoping it gets easier soon. Stay well.

    Rhyll and Osca Anderson.

    • Jude

      Thanks so much Rhyll! Yes, the portal is starting to settle down, YAY! Much love to you and Osca x

  3. Sally

    Thank you Jude! So appreciate everything your team. You and our support workers do. 💕 Though there has been changes to where we are making sure the people who have cared for my family member aren’t affected has equally been a priority. Lovely to know we are all working together. Xxxx

    • Jude

      Always so lovely to hear from you Sally! Thank you for supporting your team as much as your family. I’m so thrilled you’t apart of my community xx

  4. Janet Lake

    Thank you for the update. Great advice. Some of my daughter’s services have already changed over to Skype. Your support is much appreciated..

    • Jude

      That’s so awesome Janet! What an interesting new world to be in. Have fun with Skype! xx

  5. Cassandra Pickett

    I am staying at home much as I can. Am trying to lose weight, saw a man the other day on Facebook squirt dishwashing liquid on the floor near his sink to do the treadmill I thought this good trick. But my support worker and I cook, go out for our 30 minute walk 3 times a week. We colour in, watch tv. Talk and write stories. I like being home.

    • Jude

      You’re so AWESOME Cassandra! Keeping healthy and active is so important right now. Have fun with your support team and keep that smile on your face. xx

  6. Michelle cleaver

    Thanks for your email Jude and team. Thanks for your ongoing support..It is a very hard time for all..Take Care and we will too…💖

    • Jude

      Big love your way Michelle, to both you and Sam xx

  7. Robyn Kickbusch

    Hi Jude and team,
    Thank you for your on going support which makes us all feel safe and connected in these trying times. Stay safe and well.

  8. Trevor

    Thanks for your ongoing support Jude & Katie,
    hope both you and your families manage to stay healthy.


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