Some of our happy clients

We’re over the moon we get to help so many people in the Tweed region live life their way.

I have had the good fortune of being a client of Tweed Coast Plan Management for just over 2 years and they look after everything related to NDIS funding.

The staff are always pleasant both on the phone and email. Nothing has ever been too difficult, and they’ve answered every request I've had within a few days. I am grateful for their diligent plan management and wonderful support. They are the best part of the NDIS funding for me.

Andrew Lewis

From my daughter’s first contact with Jude we knew she was the one we wanted to manage our NDIS funding. You could feel the warmth and compassion of Jude through the phone. Professionally Jude has been very deligent, courtesous, patient and resourceful from paying our service providers on time, giving us a budget ledger that we can understand and onto taking the pressure off us with dealing with difficult personalities. If Jude did not have the immediate data necessary for us to make an informed decision she soon found out the answers. We 100% recommend Jude from Tweed Coast Plan Management.

Barbara Sherry

As a mother of 4 sons, 3 of whom have disabilities, I have found Jude’s services to be invaluable. I was struggling to see how I could find the time to be “Mum” and manage all the aspects of my boys NDIS Plans, while juggling the rest of my family’s needs.

It was such an enormous relief to find Tweed Coast Plan Management and Jude. Jude is a caring, compassionate person who strives to meet the needs of her clients in a flexible and supportive manner. She has provided us with an individually tailored service which has given me great confidence for future self-management. I cannot recommend her service highly enough!

Deborah Bee

Thankyou for your help and support during our transition. Since requiring your services my stress level has been significantly reducedI have found you & your team to always be very helpful.

I really appreciate how quickly invoices are processed. The monthly statement is fantastic. The information was easy to follow & will be very helpful for monitoring expenditure when arranging future in home supports.

Again, thankyou everyone I really appreciate your support!

Jake & Trish Cole

I came to Jude so confused and desperately needing help how to manage my daughter's NDIS plan. She helped me to sort out my thoughts and work towards my goals with my daughter at the centre of planning. During my first plan I returned to her many times with new people I wanted to bring on-board to get the best possible results. Jude was always willing to listen to my needs and very gently make suggestions on how I could manage different services. She is always very professional and I feel safe with Jude being in control of our money

Belinda Musgrove

Jude from Tweed Coast Plan Management is someone I would like to strongly endorse and recommend. I am a speech pathologist in private practice and from the moment of first speaking with Jude regarding a new NDIS client to now, concerning all aspects of business interactions including communication, billing and invoicing I am very impressed with the high level of professionalism and efficiency with which she conducts business. I strongly recommend Jude from Tweed Coast Plan Management to other health professionals and clients using the NDIS and other health schemes in this region. Thank you, Jude!

Diena Grant-Thomson

Speech Pathologist

TCPM cover all of Kristie"s needs and  settle my confused mind. I know how busy you are but again you are there to support us to direct us in the right direction, making us feel valued.

Listening to our background stories that probably have nothing to do with the financial side of things, you are creating a a bigger picture to get to know and understand your clients. You are an amazing person. Thank you we appreciate everything you do.

Kerrie & Kris

You make the NDIS journey so easy. Not only am I receiving the best therapy I am able to participate in the community. 

I sincerely thank you for all your help and hard work. It makes life so much easier and more enjoyable. 

Anita Dusi

Jude, I think you are doing an absolutely fantastic job.  You are very professional, warming, empathetic, supportive, prompt, transparent in your business and without you I would go absolutely crazy.

I am very happy with the service you provide and I would thoroughly recommend you to everyone who is going through this very difficult, stressful and horrible journey.

Helen Joachim

Your services are wonderful and your wealth of knowledge is such a valuable asset when it comes to people who can help Riley. 

And the details and easy to read graphs are really helpful to understand how the money is being spent.

Thank you. 

Sarah Mason

In the stress and chaos of the NDIS world, Jude provides relief and support throughout it all. Jude is prompt with making payments, helpful, informative and positive in her approach to things. It’s a breathe of fresh air!! And so very much appreciated.

Alison Welch

Director of US Support Services

I have been working with Jude from Tweed Coast Plan Management for three months now. I discovered this amazing gem through my NIDA planner.  I am so lucky as the support she has given me has taken so much pressure off me. Supporting me with the accounts advice and general feedback with the companies we are utilising. All I can say is without Jude, I would not manage. She gives 150% of support and guidance. Just love this lady. Thank you Jude.

Kerrie Austen

Having TCPM and especially Jude as plan manager, has been a positive experience for my son and I.

Having never been able to fully understand any sort of bookwork or accounting, they have taken a lot of the pressure off me with their availability to take over this area.

The support workers are happy as invoices are paid within a short period of time, and they are not having to wait for weeks as is the case with other companies, as I have been informed by other parents.

I have been happy to recommend TCPM to other parents, who have said they are not happy with current plan managers and wish to change. I have no doubt some of them will be in touch soon.

NDIS has given my son a new lease of learning, adventures, mateship/friendship and social abilities that he rarely experienced before. It has given him a new outlook towards his future.

Having the strong support of a good plan manager is what helps keep us on top of everything else that is happening in our NDIS venture.

Jake & Trish Cole