Big news coming to you from TCPM!!

21 October 2021

I’m SUPER excited to share some amazing news with you…

Over the past 12 months, here at TCPM, we’ve been working on our own unique custom-made software.  Software that will enhance our ability to serve you even better!

It’s called ‘Breze’ and it’s designed to make your NDIS life even easier!!

We’re currently preparing for a staggered launch.  Which means we’ll be selecting a handful of clients (to begin with) to test our ‘go live’ transition.  If you’d like to put up your hand and be a part of the initial fun, I love to hear from you!  Please click here to complete a quick survey so we can be sure you’re the right fit for our testing criteria.

The biggest change you’ll notice is a new Monthly Statement format.  Download our ‘How to Read Your Monthly Statement’ to view the amazing new design!

Breze is a fully online system hosted in Sydney (Australia).  Over the next 6 months, we’ll be transitioning to store all your invoices and information within Breze.  Please rest assured, that all your past documentation (including invoices and receipts) will remain secure in our Dropbox system and available to you on demand.  But as soon as we move you to Breze all your future documentation will be stored in the one easy place.

Then, mid next year, we’ll be introducing you to our client app, connecting you to ‘real time’ data and giving you access to all your information at your fingertips.

I’m ‘jumping out of my skin’ excited to share this huge innovation with you!!  And I truly hope you enjoy the look and feel of what we’ve created!

That’s all the news I have for now, but I’ll be in touch more frequently over the coming months with updates and glimpses of what you can expect on the inside.

Remember to fill in the survey if you’re interested in being part of our exciting test run and be sure to download the new look monthly statement.  I’d love to hear your feedback on the new look, so pop your feedback in the comments below!!



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